Up to Sierra Ligonde and down to Palas de Rei

Android 2063We had breakfast fairly early in the bar downstairs, and I was grateful for the two large cups of coffee that the girl from the hotel served me.  It appeared to have rained during the night, an event that a lot of pilgrims probably regretted, having hung their laundry out to dry on the rooftop of the hotel.  Oh well.  Nasty break.  While we were eating, we saw some girls who were walking together getting their rain gear on, but it looked as if it was not raining at the time.  By the time we got out onto the main street to head out of town, the streets were wet, but no rain now.  We circled down around a large curve in the main road and crossed the bridge over the inlet to the embalse.  Soon, we wereheaded up a long trail through the woods where I lost Greg once again.  After a half hour up this trail,I  came out to an open area along the main road that was headed towards Toxibo.  Crossing over the street to the right side of the road, the rain suddenly came down hard, and I had to poncho up quickly.  I ran into Greg before I got to Gonzar and we stopped here briefly to rest at a bus stop area near a bar.  It was here that we saw Roger and Nancy again, and they walked with us for a couple of hours.  Nancy had been worried about walking these long distances when we first met her in the hotel in Sarria.  She appeared to be doing just fine.  They said that back in Ohio they were runners and often took skiing trips to various places, so they were in pretty good shape.

Greg and I stopped in Ligonde and found a nice picnic table and had our lunch there.  In the adjoining field, there were a group of sheep feeding on the grasses and playing with their young.

Android 2064

The sky was getting dark again, and it looked like more rain was on the way.  It was becoming somewhat annoying to keep stopping to poncho and un-poncho, but there was nothing that could be done about it due to the fact that when the sun was out, it was too steamy under the poncho.  After Eirexe, we climbed up to Alto Rosario and then down for about two kilometers into the eastern outskirts of Palas de Rei where our hotel, La Cabana, was located.  This was a great place that had the appearance of a mountain lodge, with outlying pine buildings housing the rooms.  In the main building up front there was a big bar and dining room.  I headed there as soon as I got cleaned up and had a beer and used the time to email and Facebook. Greg joined me soon thereafter, and we stayed for half hour and then went back to the room to catch our favorite TV show at 7:00 pm.  At 8:00, we went back to the main building and had a good meal in the dining room that was packed by this time.

Android 2061

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