Final Preparations

We are in the final preparation stages now for our September Camino that starts in Leon on September 3 and ends in Santiago on September 19. I am sure it will be a great time of year to walk in Spain, but the Summer months in Sacramento were unbearably hot and has made our training quite hard. The heat saps so much energy (It’s 108 today in Sacto!!) We did a nine-mile walk just this last Monday and we were both exhausted, not to mention soaking wet from perspiration.

Today, I bought our train tickets from Madrid (Chamartin) to Leon on “Rome2Rio” and paid for them using “Loco2.” They sent me pdf. files of the tickets which I printed out and am told I can take them on the Renfe train. We arrive at Madrid Airport T4 at 8am and the train leaves Chamartin at 11am. I am sure this will be enough time to get our bag and go through customs, get on the shuttle, and arrive at the train station.

Heather’s bursitis in her hip has cleared up pretty well. She is not completely out of the woods as yet, but feels confident that she can handle the daily walks we have planned. We have found that if we stop every two miles and stretch and rest for ten minutes, it’s enough to revive her and keep the pain minimal. Due to this bursitis issue, we decided to take one “rolling duffel bag” to carry a good portion of our gear and to lighten the load in our backpacks that we walk with. To that end, I bought a new light pack from REI that is a 22 liter Osprey, and Heather will carry her lightweight REI pack with just minimal necessities (rain gear, change of socks, TP, water, etc.). The duffel bag will be transported daily by Jacotrans for 7 Euros per day. Well worth it, in my mind. I corresponded with Jacotrans via email and they agreed to do all this for us. Really good news. Since I have made reservations at all the albergues and hotels along the way, I can get this arranged ahead of time. Less I have to be concerned with on a daily basis every morning — just have the bag at the front desk by 8am.

On our training walks, we have been talking through our plans, and we have found that this is a great time to focus on the stuff that is really important to us. For instance, Heather really wants to be free to experience everything for herself instead of having me point everything out, since I have already been there. Fair enough. We are also staying in some new towns that I did not stay in before, so that will be new to both of us at the same time. We are also looking forward to our day trip to Finisterre right before we leave to come home. This will also be a first for me. She also has been fascinated by all the different crosses she has seen in other pictures and wants to capture her own pics of these crosses. I have decided to focus on doors and windows that appear to be interesting to me. 20150430_133237



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  1. Niefia Zupancic says:

    Once you reach Sarria – the cost to transport your luggage drops to 3 euros/day. I have used the transport company you list & it is very reliable.

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