Beyond Leon to Villares de Orbigo

Two glorious, abeit physically -challenged days are now behind us.  First, the journey to Mazarife was a little longer than we thought it would be.   We ended up walking 15 miles and were exhausted when we finally made it.  Heather was amazing.  I knew she was hurting, but she never complained.  Tio Pepe Albergue in Mazarife was friendly but somewhat noisy.  Our room was quite small and the shower was a challenge, but we made it work.  We had dinner with a French couple who were delightful, so I had a great opportunity to practice my French.

I woke up at 6 am and started rustling around the room.  We were surprised to find that desayuno was includo, and even more delighted that the host made us some excellent Cafe Americano.  We each had two cups and were soon on the road.

The remote country roads stretched out through seemingly endless corn fields that were lined by beautiful wildflowers, rosehip shrubs, and thickets of blackberry vines.  Heather was fascinated  by the wildflowers and stopped often to photograph them.

Before long we were entering Hospital de Orbigo and passing over the magnificent Puente Romana.  From there it was just a short jaunt through though some active farmlands to Villares de Orbigo and our destination for the night, Albergue de Villares.  This is a marvelous place with wonderful hosts and a relaxing atmosphere.  More on our stay here in the next post.

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3 Responses to Beyond Leon to Villares de Orbigo

  1. Greg Sutter says:

    I’m so glad to see how well you both are doing. I was particularly surprised to hear that the rooms were small. LOL. Anyways, love your comments and photos and praying for both of you. Wish I was there.

  2. Gail Thelin says:

    Wishing you both well on your extraordinary journey and I’m anxious to read more! Safe travels!

  3. Kathleen Baynes says:

    Why no new posts?

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