On the Way to Samos

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September 12, 2015:  Before the steep downhills to Triacastella, we were treated to beautiful mountain top views at approximately 4,200 feet altitude.  The lush vegetation opened up before us on both sides along nearly immaculate wide trails.  I remembered this section of the trip from two years ago as one of the most enjoyable days of walking.  This time was no different in that regard.  We slowed our pace considerably after Biduedo when the path became somewhat precarious.  Heather was trying to keep her right quad muscle from acting up, and was taking it easy.  Near the medieval villages of Villoval and Pasantes,

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we came across a familiar sight, a huge chestnut tree that is, I am sure, ancient.

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Winding through the old villages, we eventually came into Triacastella, and we found Casa David where Greg and I had stayed last trip.  We stopped here for some Coke and coffee, and I was surprised to find our old host from before.  He was quite friendly and bid us buen Camino after we had eaten a delicious bocadilla con queso.  From Casa David, we found a supermercado to get some supplies and then headed back out of town, down the road into the Galician forest and towards Samos.

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After San Cristobo, we had to poncho up because the rain was starting.  Behind us we heard two women chattering, and soon we realized it was the two South African ladies we had met in Las Herrerias.  We stopped to say hello, and they were soon past us, although we kept passing each other from time to time all the way to Samos.  By 2pm or so, we had caught sight of the old monastery and were descending into the town.  We stopped at a small store on the outskirts of town and asked directions to our hotel.  Within minutes we were crossing the intricate bridge over the river and winding through the streets past the monastery to Domus Itinerus, our hotel.

Camino215 377 Camino215 376 Camino215 374 Camino215 375

When we entered the lobby of the hotel, we had to ring the bell for the host who informed me through a translation program on his PC that the water was not working in Domus Itinerus, and since he had no way of reaching me, he took the liberty of booking another hotel just across the street.  So we stayed at Hotel Victoria which had a pleasant outdoor cafe set up.  The room was small and a bit dank, but fine for sleeping.  We ate dinner in the bar downtown, and after the meal, we took a brief stroll through this section of town around the monastery grounds.

In the morning I took our bag back across the street to the Domus Itinerus lobby since JacoTrans would be coming there to get it, and then headed back to our hotel where Heather and I ate toast, coffee, etc. before setting forth to our next destination.

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1 Response to On the Way to Samos

  1. Sherry says:

    I am so glad I came across your site! I went from Sarria to Santiago, Sept. 6-12 with a tour group; I am STILL going through my 1K+ photos and adding comments. After my “touragrino” experience I intend to return in the future as a more ‘true’ pilgrim, for a longer distance on the Camino Frances or maybe the Portugués Central. Your blog, pictures and insights will be a valuable resource. Walking the Camino does indeed reveal kindred spirits from around the globe. Thanks for sharing!

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