Lingering in Santiago de Compostela

Camino215 487

September 21, 2015:  Today was literally a walk in the park.  At breakfast we were surprised by the German couple that we had met while eating lunch at Casa Domingo. They were so happy to see us and treated us like long, lost friends.  This was so typical of the many Camino “friendships” we experienced over the days we were walking.  We said our goodbyes with big hugs and kisses, realizing that we would most likely never see them again, ever.

Heather had not been feeling particularly well, with a small Lupus onset, so we decided yesterday not to take the bus to Finisterre and just to remain in town and relax before the taxing trip home to the States.  Heather had made an appointment at a local tattoo parlor to get a special, permanent souvenir of her trip.  At 10:30, we walked over to the parlor and she got inked up.

Heather'sPics 619

This was the Logrono shell symbol which she had embellished with a cross.  The entire process took less than an hour and it was altogether a very pleasant experience.  We then wrapped up some remaining shopping errands, ate a snack at the hotel, and took off through the busy streets and into Santa Susana park where we sat for awhile and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Camino215 486

Later, back at the hotel, we both took long naps, and then packed up our gear to be ready at the crack of dawn to head for the airport.  I went down to the desk to have them order a taxi pickup for us at 6:30 am.  This is always a time of conflicting emotions, of course. Glad to be going home and sad to leave the wonderful experience behind.  Heather said she was most looking forward to hearing English again and to see our dog, Stogie.

At dinner that evening, we saw the Germans we had met on the way down from Cruz de Ferro, the ones who had given Heather the salve made from Calendula flowers.  Again, more hugs and kisses from relative strangers, and a little bit of nostalgia on our part, realizing that we had made many friends along the way and were feeling the regrets that, if we could, we would have enjoyed extending those encounters into long, lasting relationships.

After dinner, Heather went back to the room and I went outside to get some night-time photos of the Cathedral, the surroundings and the great hallways of our hotel.

Camino215 496

Camino215 495 Camino215 494 Camino215 497 Camino215 498  Camino215 500

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1 Response to Lingering in Santiago de Compostela

  1. eichie14 says:

    Oh I remember those last few hours. How I cried on the way to the airport. I did not want this to be over yet! Thank you for all your thoughts and posts honey. Just wonderful to reminisce a month later. xxx

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