Walking Notes now available


NOTE:  Now available on Kindle as well as Kindle Unlimited!

Just released on Amazon and available soon on Kindle.  These are the notes that I had originally planned to include in Senior Camino as an Appendix.  Cooler heads prevailed, however, and I was convinced to separate the Notes out into their own book.  Glad I followed that advice, because now the pilgrim can carry this smaller book comfortably in the backpack for reference, when needed.

These Notes are for everybody — not just seniors.  I think that they should prove useful for anyone walking the Camino Frances.  I have attempted to keep them short, concise, and easy to read in a bullet point format.  In my mind, the Notes are particularly helpful when navigating through some of the more confusing sections of the walk, such as heading into Burgos (where you have several options available,) or perhaps going from Molinaseca to Ponferrada to Villafranca, etc.

Mostly, they deal with directions from town to town so that the reader won’t go astray; however, I have also included some suggestions of places to eat or rest during the day that seem to make sense for the weary traveler.  Whenever I remember having a pleasant or surprising experience, I point that out as a recommendation.

If you are planning a future Camino, this little book will be a helpful tool.  It would also make a great present for someone you know who is planning a trip.  Enjoy, and Buen Camino!


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1 Response to Walking Notes now available

  1. Hey! This little book looks very usefull, I’m curious about your notes. I’ll check it out on Amazon 😉 Thx a lot for sharing your thoughts.

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