Alas, I had to postpone my Camino Portuguese due to an injury to my lower back that caused severe sciatica in my left side.  I am not sure how it happened, but it was about one week before I was scheduled to leave for Porto.  The thought of even sitting on an airplane for 11 hours was too much to bear, much less walking 13-18 miles per day!

So, I’ve spent many hours at the Chiropractor’s office since then and just now am starting to turn the corner.  Naturally, I have lost most of my leg strength, and at my tender age of 75, it will take months to make it back into shape.

We are planning to try for early April to reschedule.  I’ll keep you posted.

There is a reason for everything.  Maybe it was just to keep me away from the forest fires in Portugal and Galicia.  Who knows.  Adios for the time being.  Back to the chiropractor, and then to walk the dog.

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3 Responses to Postponement

  1. Warren J Ingalls says:

    Sorry to hear of your back troubles get well soon my friend. The Camino will await your return. Get well my friend Blessings and healing

  2. Madeline Crane says:

    Sorry to hear you have such problems! No fun for sure. (I am currently getting physical therapy for a shoulder problem!) AND I turned 80 in April. This did encourage me to write and say hello. AND to send a greeting to your wife! We are hanging in there.
    Take care,
    Madeline and Gil

  3. Olin Friant says:

    Now I see your dilemna (SP) on the internet, Sorry….OLIN

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