Thanks to Readers and Updates on Injuries

First of all, thanks to those who purchased my book, Senior Camino, both in hard copy and on Kindle.  In the month of January, we set a new monthly record for sales.  It’s very humbling for me, but also a kick to go the sales reports and see that it keeps selling at a fairly regular pace.  Never set out to make a living writing this, but it does provide some extra income to help plan future caminos.

On the injury front, I am back training to regain my strength.  Doctor’s sent me to PT after my wonderful Chiropractor got me back into alignment (L5/S1).  I have about a dozen stretching exercises to do on a regular basis that will stretch out hamstrings, quads and groin as well as those that will strengthen core.  Naturally, I walk on a regular basis, but usually no more that 4-5 miles at a time, not to mention walking the dog on a daily basis.

We have a great chapter of American Pilgrims on the Camino here in Sacramento that has been active for over a year now.  (Much thanks to the coordinators:  Kerri, Andy and
Bruce).  The meetings are inspiring and educational.  The support and encouragement is overwhelming as most of us “experienced” pilgrims would expect.  This next week, one of our fellow pilgrims, Bruce Quick, is presenting a talk on his trip along the Le Puy Camino.  805 Km from Le Puy to St. Jean Pied de Port.  Should be really interesting.  Anxious to hear what it is like walking in France.


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2 Responses to Thanks to Readers and Updates on Injuries

  1. Donald – I just finished your wonderful, inspiring, much-needed book and just found this blog. Thank you for inspiring this “oldster” to think that I can do it, too! And thank you for providing such a lovely book of information and stories. I am indebted to you! Buen Camino! Linda

    • dbowes23 says:

      Thanks so much, Linda. These are encouraging words, and it is for folks such as yourself that I decided to write the book in the first place, but of course you already know that! Blessings, Donald…y buen camino, amiga!

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